[“A Different Law”]

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Approaching gently…Avoid Heresy

Could the Mosaic Sainai covenant have been different ….?

While approaching this question, it may be good to ask the question, assuming Abraham,  Isaac, Jacob/Israel and his descendents lived before Sinaitic Mosaic Covenant was given–“the law.”   what law did these follow for 430 [Galatians 3:17] years following circumcision.  It is useful to try and answer the question what Law were these lead by so as to engage in Holy living?   What were the commandments they followed so as to be found pleasing to our heavenly Father?   Was it very different from the Laws that Adam, Enoch, Noah, Melchizedekh and the Gentiles as in Romans 2;15 ? If so in what way, other than being asked to practice Circumcision.

Within the first three months after the Hebrews have left Egypt, they are seen to have murmured several times.

Exodus 14:10-13

Exodus 15:23,24

Exodus 16:1-6,10-12,19-20,28-29

Exodus 17:1-4,7

All above within first 3 months after exodus.   Then in the 3rd month the Sinai Mosiac covenant  and Law are given, along with warnings [Exodus 19:1]

While Moses is still on the Mount Sinai,  we have the Golden Calf incident in Exodus 32.19,32, 33.1+,

Then Moses is asked to come up to the mount again for another 40 days and 40 nights, WITH TABLETS THAT HE SHOULD HEW, WHICH HE BREAK.  

Then Lord makes a Covenant with the people with guidance to be separate Exodus 34:12-17.

The blogger asks the question, if the Israelites did not show so much of disobedience, and rebellion,  would the Mosaic/Sinai Law been different.

I.e. would it be more like Matthew 5 through approx. 7 end.   Note Matthew 19:8,   and if that is possible, would there be a classic dispensational Kingdom reign at all,  and if so what Law would they follow.

Keep in mind Abraham,  Isaac,  and Jacob and his 12 sons,  right down to Moses on Sinai for 430 years did not even know what the Mosaic/Sinai Law was to be, far less practice it.

Besides throughout Israel’s occupation of the land of promise,  they failed to keep the law,  See [1 Kings 11:1-13].   Rabbinical Judaism, and Kabbalah and other expressions, and traditions got mingled, to the point that Israel was unable to recognize its Messiah.   

1 Samuel 8,  shows that You our father was dis appointed when Israel instead of the Judges you had given them asked for a King. [1 Samuel 8].  In so doing they had not just rejected Samuel but God Himself.   Further David’s Throne, in terms of David’s role was governance but not Prophet.   Moses in Deuteronomy 18 predicts JESUS as PROPHET as role, although in spirit David was a prophet.  [Acts 2:30], his office was not that of Prophet.  Neither was his role that of Priest.  Although in Spirit he was all of these.  In contrast to David  OUR LORD played the role of Prophet, High Priest, and King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s – so much for sitting on David’s throne in the natural….  See 1 Chronicles 29:23.

And with regard to Ezekiel’s temple 2 Samulel 7 and 1 Chronicles 17  needs to be kept in mind.   YOU Father did not desire a temple.   Rather you gave “them,”  a TABERNACLE.”

For many of the above reasons I ask the question,  could the very Sinai-Mosaic law could have looked different if not for “disobedience, and lack of faith.”

Had “the chosen,” been obedient,  would many of the laws been different.   

I.e. would it be more like Matthew 5 through approx. 7 end.    Note Matthew 18:1-10 Note,   Matthew 19:8,  and if this is possible, would there be a classic dispensational Kingdom reign at all,  and if so what Law would they follow.