[The Evangelical Industrial Complex]

This page is dedicated to shining a light on the complex web of Christian Elite Organizations and Christian Elite Networks engaged in significantly unbiblical practices and irregularities while purporting to be the saviors of the world.   It occured to one individual to term the phenomena as “The Evangelical Industrial Complex.”

This blogger is currently engaged in studying irregularities within an organization in India which goes under a broad umbrella conveying many ideas — Operation Mobilization India Foundation Good Shepherd Ministry and Dalit Freedom Network [OMIF-GSM-DFN]

In recent years Irregularities in Gospel For Asia [GFA] under the leadership of K.P. Yohannan, Voice Of The Martyrs [VOM] started by Richard Wurmbrandt and Open Doors [OD] started by Brother Andrew  have shown concerns and scandals that have reached the public eye.  Open Doors USA has severed its ties with Open Doors International and its CEO and two others are alleged to earn a salary that exceeds the salary of US state governors.  Open Doors USA,  now has rebranded to call itself Global Christian Relef [GCR].    Per it’s website,  GCR claims the organization changed its name to reflect “a larger vision to mobilize dedicated Christians like you to support our persecuted family.” In what way this new branding  reflects a “larger vision,” larger than the vision Brother Andrew  brought to the table when he first launched Open Doors remains unexplained.   This blogger is of the opinion that the explanation given by GCR is less than truthful.   The reality in this bloggers view is the new name merely came about from conflict within the organization which resulted in OD USA breaking organizational ties with OD International.  This type of  dodgy jargon  pervades the Evangelical Industrial Complex.

Albert Lael, once OMIF-GSM-DFM’s all india Area Financial Officer alleges that OMIF-GSM-DFM sought and obtained support from GFA and OD although irregularities in these organizations may have existed.  This organization is under significant investigation in Indian courts for serious financial irrgularities  in its Dalit Freedom Network component.   Like Open Doors Dalit Freedom Network rebranded while under investigation to call itself DIGNITY Freedom Network.    The CEO alleges that the reason for this is that they are expanding their philanthrophic outreach to other nations of the world like Africa.   This blogger believes that this is not the case.  Dalit Freedom Network was drawing a lot of funding from donors from anglophile countries and so to change the name from Dalit to Dignity was not called for.  The more probable reason for the change is that Dalit Freedom Network is under serious investigation in India.  It is  now in the hands of the Apex [Supreme] Court and the High Court  of Telengana State.

It is this blogger’s view that “Christian Elite” transactions that cover-up and minimize irregularities within the Evangelical Industrial Complex is coordinated and rampant.   What happens behind the scenes is the domain for serious investigative reporters, brave whistleblowers, and Christians of conscience to engage in.