[Mixing Church And State]

[This blog may be read, however please note it is in a state of development ]

This blog attempts to address the confusion associated with mixing church and state.

Often the church in a certain nation is able to console its self or mollify its sin by statements such as these.

  • “God has blessed England,  because England was sent so many missionaries into the heathen world.”
  • “In America the the church is often heard to say “God has blessed America because it supports Israel,  which is the “apple of God’s eye. “[Zechariah 2:8]
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This blog attempts to argue that this reasoning, i.e. because “WE” send where the word “WE” is meant to tipify a Nation in which the sending church is a fairly serious error.

Firstly Nations do not send missionaries, but Churches do.

Our Lord on Peter’s confession that our LORD was:  “Thou art Christ the Son of the Living God.” [] said “On this Rock I will build my church.”  [] Our Lord’s church is not a nation.   A nation can perish[],   but His true church does not, and the gates of hell do not prevail against it [].   Of course there are several scriptures that suggest that if a nation follows the Father,   then the Father will bless that Nations.   In our context that would mean the Nation as a whole is genuinely Christianized,  because a Nation is not able to please the Father unless it comes as a collective through HIS son.  []y

While a revived church that pleases the Father  in a particular country can pray blessing over its nation and thereby have a blessed and strong influence over its country for positive good,  this blogger is of the impression that there lies a danger in equating the blessing a country experiences to a country per se and its government.

It was our LORD who said:  “Give unto Ceasar what is Ceasar’s,”  and to “God what is God’s” [].   To Pilate our LORD said: “My Kingdom is not of this world [].   The church is a Spiritual Entity,  the State strictly speaking has never been []

The result of holding a mind set that says:

  • “God has blessed England,  because England was sent so many missionaries into the heathen world.”

Is that a lukewarm else imperfect church,  in combination with natural  nationalism feeds attitudes of “exceptionalism,”  “else manifest destiny”  and hold an unfair balance towards the rest of the world. [][]

Churches which sent Missionaries  of the likes of William Carey,  Adonnai Judson,  Hudson Taylor were also part of Nations that created:

    • The Slave Trade
    • Exploited the Resources of Other Countries
    • Ensalved persons from Other Nations
    • Forced Conversions
    • Ripped Children from Parents to Acculturize them
    • And yes built railways, primarily to exploit the resources of other countries
    • No reperations have been made.
    • What given in terms of “charity,” is factually a tippance as to what is really owed.

To equate the good deeds of the Church,  i.e. the building of  Christian hospitals, Christian schools etc.   as being the work of a nation,  merely serves to absolve the Christian of the crimes of his or her nationality.

What often is asked of the church is a deep repentance for the sins of the nation it finds itself in.  The church is an independent entity whose moorings are from heaven.  Mixing Church and State as being one and the same things,  risks covering the sins of a nation,  by a blessing that is only afforded to the church.