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1 John 2:26,27 Anjali _Focus On Our Personal Walk Ephesians 4:11-16
John  14, 5, 16

John 3:30

1 Corinthians 11:1

Galatians 4:12

Phillipians 3:17

2 Timothy 2:2

John 10:27 2 Peter 2:1-end

1 Corinthians 3:21-23


2 Corinthians 11:1-14

Matthew 7:13-15

2 Peter 2:1-end

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New Apostolic Reformation Alisha Childers 1 Kings 11:1-13
Got Questions Ministrie

The NAR Debate:  Randy Clark Responds to Doug Geivett and Holly Pivec

Holly Pivec. with  Alisha

Alisha Childers  _  Bethel Redding  and Modern Apostles



Chris Vallotton — Not NAR
New Apostolic Reformation – Mix

C. Peter Wagner  __  John Colin’s and Charles Paisley

NAR_Bethel_Brian Simmons_Passion_Bible Lou Engle _ The Call

Lou Engle _ Passover Communion Revival

Bethel Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson _  Beautiful Message After Passing Of Wife

Douglas Geivett ‘n’ Holly Pelvec

Winger __ Johnson, Bethel and Quantum Physics

Bethel Alumini On   Winger ‘s  Bethel

Reformation You’ve Inadvertently Joined

The Remnant Radio  —  Holly Pivec

False Prophets Among Us Prophets At War Holly Pivec –  Apologies Don’t Cut It
Darrell Bock — Christian Zionism Roots Of NAR Heidi Baker _ Iris Global
Peter Wagner  _ DOMINIONISM Dr. Brown _ Dominionsim
Got Questions — On  “Restoration Of Office of Apostles and Prophets The Beat —  Apostle Restoration ! Bill Hamon — “Satt type Restorationist.?”
Shepherding_Movement _ FL5 Doug Geivett & Holly_Pivec APOLOGETICS _315
Michael Brown Challenges. Geivett_Pivec JESUS _ Holly Pivec Blog Wretched: On NAR_0
NAR Leaders WithTodd Blentley Rick Warren on His Son’s Suicide IHOP_Bob~Jones

IHOP  _ Mike Bickle

IHOP  —   Demonic Manifestations 

Bob Jones Sexual Misconduct

Mike Winger _ On Bill Johnson Michael Brown _ On Bill Johnson Fighting For The Faith — Michael Brown on NAR
Justin  Peters —  Clouds Without Water _  Session 1 Prophetic_Leaders_On_Prophecy_0 Revealing Truth

Justin Peters _ Modern Prophets and Faith Healers Utterly Destroyed by COVID

Kat Kerr —  Submission to the Hierarchy and Other Garbage Like Stuff Justin Peters to Michael Brown

Bless~God~Studios __  Physics~Of~Heaven

Holly Pivec responds  Michael Brown’s Straw Man Destiny Image  __ “On NAR” Ellen White Visions
The Messed Up Church  ==  John Wimbur _ the Vineyard Toronto Vineyard Airport Church
John Wimbur  —  Vineyard Brownsville_Pensacola Florida Revival Lakeland Florida  __  Todd Bentley  __  Sid Roth  [The Messed Up Church]
Holly Pivec _  God’s Super Apostles _ Part 1

Holly Pivec _ God’s  Super Apostles_Part  2




Mix – God’s Super Apostles and the NAR with Holly Pivec pt 1 YouTube





Mix – NAR “Apostle C. Peter Wagner teaching its key doctrine of Dominionism YouTube


Mix – Fighting for the Faith – New Apostolic

Lou Engle __ Spiritual Airforce  Academy

NAR Says  _ You Have  A Religious Spirit

NAR Exposed!



Ern Baxter _ On _  William Branham
Holly Pivec __ GOD’s Super Apostles Bill Hamon  _  Christian International 

Is NAR Boblical?

NAR Exposedl!



Paul Keith Davis  __. Rick Joyner

Paul Keith Davis __  Timothy Carscadden


Paul Keith Davis  ___ Apostolic Authority 




NAR _  Antecedents




NAR _  Eschatology

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Mike Bickle _ IHOP Rick Joyner – Morning Star Randy Clark  –  Global Awakening
 Che Ahn _ Harvest International Cindy Jacobs _  Generals International Peter Wagner _ Fuller
Heidi Baker _ Iris Global Election_False~Prophets Bill Johnson _ Lies [?]
JESUS _ Holly Pivec Blog Peter Wagner  _  “7 Mountain Junk” Michael Brown _ Kevin Zadai
Peter Wagner _ “7 Mountain Mandate.” [This] [This]
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