[Dual~Covenants, Secret~Imminent~Rapture]

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“Dual Covenants” and “Secret~Immanent~Rapture” doctrines go hand in hand.


While ideation with respect to Dispensational Theory has always existed the idea of “Secret Imminent Rapture”  to the best of this bloggers research has a significant root cluster beginning with Roman Catholic jesuit priest by the name of Manuel Lacunza [1731 – 1801].    Lacunza percieved an “invisible church”  of True Believers that would be “spirited away,”  in a Secret Rapture  vis-a-vis  a “lukewarm” Ladiocean type traditional church that would fade away.     Needless to say,  Lacunza picked up some flack from his hierarchal superiors for his view.

Per Chris Ross who has pesented a comprehensive history on Classical Dispensationalism on YouTube titled A Brief History Of Dispensationalism, it was John Nelson Darby–remember the name– who picked up on the idea of Secret Imminent Rapture from Manuel Lacunza and in this bloggers view adapted it to fit his Dispensational Theory that he was developing.   It went more or less along these lines.   Unlike Lacunza who suggested the Lord would rapture the “True Believers” and the lukewarm church would simply fade away.   Darby vehemently argued,  that in a Secret Iminent Rapture “we” believers who are a part of the Church Age would be raptured in a Secret Rapture THAT COULD HAPPEN ANYTIME AND WAS NOT SUBJECT TO SIGNS OF THE TIME OF MATTHEW 24. 1-51  AND DANIEL’S 70 WEEKS OF DANIEL 9:24-27,  and  then the Millenial Age would commence where the “unconditional promises” of Old Testament promises to the  Hebrews/Jews would be realized in the Millenial Kingdomn [scripture]  would be realized.   While it may be argued that the theory of Secret Rapture put forth by Lacunza may have never picked up steam,   it was Darby who blasted his version of it loud and clear.     Although it was Cyrus Ingerson Scofield –remember the name–who is primarily responsible to popularize what he heard  from Darby and his friends congregationalist James Brookes and the  evangelist  D. L. Moody who embraced the theory Darby proposed,  hook, line, and sinker.  It is important to note according to classical dispensationalism “Signs Of The Times,”  belongs to the 70 weeks domain [which includes the Gospels]  only,  SINCE THE CHURCH IS A PARENTHESIS and therefore will experience Secret Imminent Rapture at anytime unbenounced without being forewarned by “signs of the times.” [see David Pawson]

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