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Notes On Scofield’s 4th Judgement


Great white throne judgment after millennial reign for classical dispensationalism  Is 1000 yards removed from the separation of the sheep and the goats of Matthew 25:40-46, which could be called variously as The post-trib pre-mill judgment of the Son Of God or Triumphant Christ.

The Latter takes place Soon after the tribulation of those days which Jesus describes in Matthew 24:29-31,  When at the sound of the trump I lost senses incidents to gather up the elect from the four winds from one end of heaven to the other. Deas for Schofield a predominantly Jesus is Jewish brethren Matthew 25:40 which he equates with Johanna chapter 3 verse three and six and seven.

For Schofield,   Nations of the earth that participated in the blood of the Jewish brethren of Jesus [Matt. 25:40, Joel 3:3,6-7] per his association with Joel 3:3-9,  I’m not the same as the nations of Gog and Magog and all the remaining resurrect a dead of revelations 20:11 to 15. The sheep and goats judgment is both Post Trib     Pre Mill after the church has been taken away in a pre-TRIB Pre -mil rapture having met Jesus in the Clouds [1 Thess. 4:17]  I’m going to be with him in heaven. When Jesus returns to earth he does not return with the church [I think it to be researched],  but for Schofield he sends his angels to gather up predominantly all all his Jewish brethren who have come through the great tribulation of revelation 7:14. Which Schofield attaches stool Revelation 6:10,11.   We know what this is the case for classical dispensationalism because does dressed in white robes of revelations 6:10, 11 I are those who have come through the tribulation per Revelation 7:14.  And per classical dispensationalism the church is already ruptured. On page 31 of Scofield’s “rightly dividing the word of truth,” In this bloggers opinion Schofield In at least one Lane, Hollow, gobbledygook space explanation for why The Toyota necessarily has to be raptured.  He says he feels, it is “impossible” for the church to be engaged in the martyrdom of any Jewish brethren of Jesus,  and hence it  must First be raptured lest it be engaged in the martyrdom,  In the martyrdom of JESUS’s Jewish Brethren. 

In this bloggers view there’s no iron clad explanation Although some good reasons are offered by premillionists  for instance why The church could not go to the seven year tribulation before being ruptured in a post tribulation rapture and thereby Experience persecution and Martyrdom And actually belong to Revelations 7:14 and revelation 6:10, 11.To counteract the position of the premillennialist post millennialists Make a good argument as well, that the church goes through the seven years of tribulation.

On an aside Schofield must exclude a Number of possible dispensations apart from the 7 that he and Darby enshrined.

These could be:

Dispensation of Jesus in the Gospels.

Dispensation of the synagogue period.

Dispensation of the seven years of tribulation period.

It seems to this blogger that Schofield intends to make the unfulfilled promises to Israel come to fulfillment in his millennial kingdom dispensationalism. Anything in order to do this is acceptable to Scofield.  He picks and choose a scripture and conflates And argument that in this bloggers View is not a serious argument at all.  In this bloggers view, contrary to his hagiographer Charles Trumbull, Who is stated that Scofield’s reference Bible was “ God planned, God guided, got eliminated, and got energized,”  it was in fact the great deception that swept fundamental And evangelical church.