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Scofield’s  “Three of More” Resurrections

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[This is how this blogger has processed Scofield notes on the resurrection from 1 Corinthians 15]


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In this bloggers view  C. I. Scofield introduces or congures “A  THIRD RESURRECTION”     Please note we are talking here specifically about three esurrections form the dead and not three raptures  from the dead.   Scofield recognizes many resurrections from the dead.  For instance he woud grant that,  the rapture of Enoch and Elijah demonstrate a resurrection;   Jesus raising Lazarus is a resurrection and Peter  raising Tabitha is a  resurrection.  etc.  However Scofield says that there are TWO major resurrections from the dead–  separated by 1000 years–that we can anticiapte and are futuristic.,  These pertain namely to the Resurrection “Of LIFE”  [Revelations 20:3-6 and 1 Corinthians 15:22,23].  and roughly a 1000 years later  the Resurrection “for JUDGMENT” at the Great White Throne. [Revelations 20:11-15]     

But Scofield with the skill of a lawyer brings in this bloggers view a subtle tweak to his First major futuristic Resurrection “of LIFE”    He subdivides the  FIRST of the two major resurrections–into two parts, one seperated from the other by a  mere 7 [seven]  years–pre-tribulation  and post-tribulation.   So to help the reader with the logic  the blogger will introduce the following normenclature.    Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_1     and    Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_2  seperated by a mere 7 years,   and  Scofield’s-Second-Resurection separated from Part 1 and Part 2 by 1000 years.    Since Part_1 and Part_2 are technically Resurrections in their own right per Scofield’s general approach to acknowledging  resurrections  from the dead It can be said  that Sofield believed in THREE  futuristic resurrections.    Part_1  is the infamous  “SECRET RAPTURE,” doctrine,  when in fact the scriptures appear to declare the event as a thounderous event  associated with a trumpet blast and a shout and a flash of lightening witnessed to  from the west to the east.   

Of the three resurrections only   Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_1  pertians  to a Rapture in which the resurrected are raised to meet our Lord in the air.,  i.e.:– Rapture of the church which occurs  at the  front end  of the 7 years of tribulation.   This is  what Classical Dispensationalist would refer to as the Pre-tribulation Rapture.    Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_2  is the  Resurrection of Martyrs that occurs at the end of the 7 years of tribulation.   It appears to this blogger that Scofield would associate this even with  Revelations 20:4-6,       

Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_1  is designed for the rapture of the church.   And with this for Scofield the Dispensation Of Grace ends  in anticipation of his final dispensation – the final 7th Dispensation of the Jewish Millenial 1000  Year Messiah Reighn  Kingdom.      For Scofield both Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_1   and  Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_2  resurrections  belong to the domain “Of LIFE.”   [Revelations 20:4-6] .  Both are complete within just 7 years.  Scofield’s-Second-Resurrection belongs to  the domain Of JUDGEMENT.”    and is an event that takes plase 1000 years after Scofield’s Part_1 and Part_2  resurrections. [Revelations 20:11-15]

 Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_2   it appears to this blogger as being   specifically dedicated  for the  Resurrection  of the Martyrs of the 7 year tribulation period who  did not take the “mark of the beast,” and were martyred in consequence [Revelations 20:4,5,6]. He may also have had  martyrs from  all other persecutions as well in mind.    Also, here Scofield  may be  envisioning the Martyrs of Revelations 6:9-11 who are given white robes. in honor of their pure hearts even unto death.      This Part_2 Resurrection is not a Rapture but  rather the resurrection of those martyrs who will enter into   Jewish Millenial Kingdom dispensation with Jesus the Messiah  sitting “on David’s throne. ”  [Revelations 20:4,5 ]      They will reign with our LORD for a 1000 years before  the devil is once again loosed to seduce Gog and Magog to engage in the battle of Armegaddon.    It appears as though Scofield envisions them to be  part of the Theocratic State of Earthly Israel, in fulfilment of the “Unconditional Promises” to the Hebrews of the Old Covenant and therefore  these are resurrected but not raptured.  

Those who are part of Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_1   and  Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_2   resurrections will not taste of the  “2nd Death”  alluded to in Revelations 20:6,14 and 2:11.  The raptured church and the martyrs are  not subject to the “2nd death.”  The 2nd death is only reserved for Scofield’s Second-Resurrection subjects  alluded to in   Revelations 20:11-15.    These are resurrected as “for JUDJMENT.”   

Those who are resurrected as part of Scofield’s Second-Resurection are  ALL THE DEAD which are not part of the raptured Church or the Tribulation martyrs.   The Church and the Tribulation Martyrs being  already resurrected and blessed, the former in heavenly places and the latter in the triumphant state of earthly Israel  Scofield sees as ones who  will not expereience the Second Death referred to in Revelations 20:6 as seen in conjunction with the Judgement at The Great White Throne,    The second death  of Revelations 20:6 belongs to the domain of Scofield’s Second-Resurection,  which is in reality a third resurrection–Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_1   and Scofield’s-First-Resurrection-Part_2 being numerically the first and second resurrections.   It is important that we note that not all  those who are resurrected in the third ressurection, namely  the ALL from all dispensations and ages who were  not resurrected in the first and second ressurection will see the Second Death.   Only   those who are  not found in The Book Of Life will be subject to the 2nd Death.

What Scofield has done in this bloggers view, is to try and move the Gentiles out of the way from  having a governance role in the Millenial reign.     He sees the 1000 year reign as primarily a JEWISH enterprise   in which the “Unconditional Promises of Restoration” of the Jews into “their promised land,” is perfectly fulfilled.    He appears to do by drawing the predominantly gentile church away via the  strongly debated  “Secret Rapture.”

Scofield’s  aim is predominantly  to “rapture away” the gentile  church,   What Scofield has wiggled into his notes is as follows.   He has taken  the  term “First Resurrection” of Revelations 20:4,5 and created two resurrections of the one.     He has conflated Revelations 20:4,5 with   1 Corinthians 15:22,23 and used his imagination  to present to the reader that there is a pre-trib resurrection of the church and a post-trib resurrection for martyred saints of tribulation  times.    IN REALITY THOUGH,  NEITHER REVELATIONS 20:4-15  NOR 1 CORINTHIANS 15:22,23 BREAKS THE FIRST RESURRECTION OF REVELATIONS 20:4,5 INTO 2 PARTS.  THE CONTEXT  IN WHICH BOTH THOSE PASSAGES ARE FOUND DO NOT HINT AT ANY SUCH THING.    BUT SCOFIELD HAS TO MAKE HIS UNCONDITIONAL PROMISES TO THE JEWS WORK.  HE HAS TO   GET THE CHURCH OUT OF THE WAY.  


To the blogger the following is as stake:   Galatians 3:28, and Colossians 3:9,10 have been undermined.   The One New Man of Ephesians 2:14,15 are not One  New Man as simply understood.  But rather, two new entities, the  “wife of YHWH”  and the “Bride of Christ.”    And now one has to wonder which entity will be the Bride at the Marriage Feast of the LAMB and will there be a “Secret marriage feast of the Father.”  Sounds somewhat blasphemous.